Embassy of The Republic of Haiti

General Requirements

Passports are issued to all Haitian citizens with proof of identity, as well as proof of Haitian citizenship. To obtain a passport, the applicant must

  • complete and sign an Application Form, which can be obtained at the Embassy and
  • submit the following documents in person to the Embassy of the Republic of Haiti in the Republic of China (Taiwan):
    • The original Birth Certificate, or an extract of the Birth Certificate from the National Archives of Haiti, or a copy of the original Birth Certificate;
    • The old passport, and one valid form of identification (ID), such as driver’s license, student identification or resident card;
    • Two forms of valid identification (ID) if the old passport is not available, etc.
    • Two passport-sized, color photos on a white background, not older than three (3) months;
    • Original marriage certificate, if the applicant is a married woman; 
    • Original divorce certificate if the applicant is a divorcee;
    • The husband’s death certificate if the applicant is a widow; 
    • A parental authorization signed by a parent or legal guardian, if the application is made on behalf of a minor.

Passports are issued for ten (10) years for adults and five (5) years for minors under the age of 18; and no amendments are permitted during this period. Any amendments will require the submission of a new application and payment of the passport fee. In the case of the loss of a valid passport, the applicant must submit a police report along with the application form.

Note: In certain circumstances, a Certificate of Travel may be issued in lieu of a passport to facilitate the travel of a Haitian national to Haiti. The Certificate is only valid for one (1) month and one (1) single trip.

Passport Fees

We accept all major Credit/Debit cards, Money Order, Certified Check or Cashier’s Check made payable to the Embassy of Haiti

  • Regular New/Renewal: Passport – 145.00 USD (adults) and 120.00 USD (minors)
  • Mail Option: 165.00 USD (adults) and 140.00 USD (minors). There is a shipping fee (20 USD) to have your passport mailed. This fee is reflected in the total amount. The exact shipping cost will depend on the delivery location.

Cash and personal check are not accepted.